ATX vs HOU #3
to Aug 12

ATX vs HOU #3

It's that time again. The THIRD annual ATX vs. HOU punk fest is coming back to Satellite Bar. 5 of Houston's hardest working new bands challenge 5 bands from the "live music capital of the world" in a battle for The Laforge Texasweight Championship!

August 11th, 2018
All ages

• All Opposed
• Yikes!
• Archaic 3
• Bonnet
• Dead Horse Creek

• Revels
• Gen Why
• Merkava
• Feels Like Murder
• Broke Off

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Sponge and More!
7:00 PM19:00

Sponge and More!

Come and Take It Productions presents...

More bands TBA...

Come and Take It Live
2015 E. Riverside Dr., Bldg. 4
Austin, TX 78741

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Doors open at 7:00 PM
$16 Advance / $20 Day of Show

Advance tickets can be purchased here:

** This event is ALL AGES, however, anyone under the age of 21 will be charged an additional 'minor surcharge' at the door. **

Sponsored By:
Come and Tour It
Jessy Ann Huff Photography
No Control Radio
Ultimate Local Music Worldwide
Wilkinson Image & Design

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Mitchapalooza 2018
to Apr 1

Mitchapalooza 2018

Viva La Kiva!!! 😈💀💥🍌👉👌🌽💯

San Marcos is hitting it hard this spring with a night of FREE music. Holy 🐄, this is it people! We got 23 bands playing on 3 stages. 



CHECK the flyer for bands and we will be posting the set times as they come.

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ATX vs. HOU 2
3:00 PM15:00

ATX vs. HOU 2

We're doing it again! 5 of Houston's hardest working bands challenge 5 bands from the "live music capital of the world" in a battle for Texas supremacy. 

August 12, 2017
All ages

Team ATX
● Archaic 3
● Already Dead
● All Opposed
● Hans Gruber and the Die Hards

Team HOU
● the Ballistics
● Patterns
● Bottom of the Food Chain
● Revels

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Picklestock 2017 (13th Aniversery Show)
to Aug 6

Picklestock 2017 (13th Aniversery Show)

Picklesstock, the yearly punk rock show/ birthday bash put on by Christopher "Pickles Lamon of Stuck on 45. Because like I said last year that's what I likes to do for my birthday. This will will be the eighteenth one and again we will be rocking out at the fine Irish pub Bull McCabe's in Austin. This year's Bands are tentatively :
Stuck on 45
Voice of Addiction (Chicago) 
Blot Out ( Fort Worth) 
Madaline ( Denton) (tentative)
All Opposed
Hans Gruber and the Die Hards

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Mosh party in the woods
to Mar 5

Mosh party in the woods

  • 3957 Lower D Austin, Tx 78725 USA (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Alright everyone, Don't share this event just yet we still need a flyer and 3 more bands. Hit me up if you have friends who will play. We are looking for bands who will actually stay and have a goodtime. also I'm looking for suggestions on stuff to make this event even more enjoyable for everyone. Below are things you can expect
1. MUSIC!!!!!!
3. Bon fires
4. beer pong
5. Graffiti wall
6. You can grill if you want
7.Merch area
8. Sporting event???
Event is not over when music is done, we can stay all night
If you have any other Ideas comment them....
If bad Weather should strike the event will be moved to April 1st

In no particular order yet
Bad Head Good Heart
Piss Rat
Greif cycles
Distance here
The Boleys
All Opposed
Pussy Factory
Stay For The Seasons

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The Faps*Worm Suicide & the Devil Club*All Opposed *Stuck on 45
to Feb 27

The Faps*Worm Suicide & the Devil Club*All Opposed *Stuck on 45

  • Bull McCabe's Irish Pub (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Faps ( Lewisville)
Worm Suicide & The Devil Club
All Opposed
Stuck on 45

The Faps make their way down to ATX to ruffle your hair and faptize you in the name of rock 'n roll, with All Opposed, Stuck on 45 and Worm Suicide there to blast your ear drums off, this is one show you won't wanna miss!
FREE cover

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Green Jelly & Friends!!!
to Feb 25

Green Jelly & Friends!!!

Green Jelly is headed our way and bringing friends!

Worm Suicide
Worm Suicide formed in South Texas 1996. Old punk rockers, performed on tons of comps including Samhain tribute records, Misfit compilations, GG Allin compilations. Lots of shows on the record books and good times with East and West Coast touring acts, from punk, to metal, to Oi, to hardcore, we played with them all...

The Devil club was you, your girlfriends, the ones who fed us booze, the people who let us crash on their floors, all the ones who passed out flyers, passed out in front of us, let us video you while you vomited, paid us some gas money, traded gigs with us, shared our CDs, let us take naked pictures of you for our CDs, paid to get into our concerts, pissed blood in the grass with us, kept us from dying in our own fluids, brought over beer bongs, picked scott up when he fell on his face and most importantly kept screaming and continued to support the Worm Boys through those years that it mattered.

All Opposed
No class punk rock from Austin Texas. Come and take it.

Minority Stone
The winners of the Battle of the Loco Locals finally get their prize!!!
Minority Stone was founded in Beaumont, Texas by K.C. Shay and Ben Vezina in August of 2011. The band has seen its share of line up changes, but has stayed true to its Hard rock foundation, Minority Stone brings a heart pumping, hair slinging good time everytime they hit the stage, and will for sure bring the party to you!!

Previously purchased tickets are valid

More details soon!
@ door $12 cover, & $13 under 21
Online $10 & $11 under 21

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